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Download 9apps Latest Version for Android Mobile – 2018

9Apps is a free and very popular app store which is a choice of millions of people worldwide and today it is considered as one of the best alternatives of google play store due to its mini size as well as superb and unique features.
In this full-fledged app store, the registered users will find everything in very organised and categorised manner as it offers free as well as paid apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers and much more in different categories and the reason why everything is separated according to category is that the developers don’t want to provide any inconvenience for the users search for any particular app or game in the store.
This mini-sized 9apps store also helps the users to give a boost or accelerate their online web browsing and net surfing experience. It also gives smart recommendations about the apps you have searched earlier based on your search history so you will easily get what you want without exploring, digging, searching through the apps. When the smartphone users get this super amazing app store fast download installed in their device, things will get easier and smoother than ever.

So just have a look on the points mentioned below to know about all the handy features of 9apps-

  1. It gives smart recommendations and app suggestions directly from the expert team of professionals who have spent lots of hours exploring the best results for you.
  2. There are more than hundreds of different categories as well as subcategories and the users are allowed to use a wide range of filters available in the app to get better results.
  3. This app store comes in a very tiny size which does not require much space from your system and can be installed in a blink of an eye which runs very smoothly and all the android devices without any sort of hassle or interruptions.
  4. The recommendations list offered in the store gets a daily update so that users will never feel boredom and always get something interesting, fresh and new which keeps them entertained.
  5. One of the unique feature offered by this mini-sized app store is that it accelerates the downloading speed of the apps in real time which let the users install their favourite apps and games easily and instantly on the go.

Top 9 android apps download from 9apps 2017–

9apps download UC browser

UC browser is one of the best browsing app available in the market and currently it has millions of installs to date due to its reliable, trustworthy, popular and unique features. This amazing browser is designed and developed by a Chinese mobile company, Alibaba and today are compatible with almost all major all popular platforms like Android, Windows, Symbian, iOs, Blackberry and more.

Let us now take a look on the highlights of UC browser and the major offerings to get a better understanding of the same-

  1. This browsing app comes with a fast and very stable navigation tool which helps you to browse the web in a better and smoother way.
  2. By switching to the fast mode, the users can compress the data and boost up the navigation to save lots of their data while browsing the web and surfing the net.
  3. Adblock is another great feature offered by UC browser which is exclusively designed for the users to block the annoying ads which unnecessarily cover up the screen.
  4. There is a unique option of Facebook mode offered in this browser which speeds of your Facebook irrespective of the speed of internet and allows the users to enjoy browsing their favourite app even in slow network connections.
  5. With the help of smart downloading options, it automatically continues the downloading from the breakup point which occurs due to drop connections and speed up and stabilize the downloads with the help of the servers.
  6. In this browser, the registered users are also provided with the facility to display the videos of all tastes in different categories like the humour, the clips, anime, trailers, war films and more.
  7. The users are also allowed to control the videos with the smart gestures and adjust the volume, brightness, progress and more by gestures in the browser.
  8. For the users who browse the web at night or in dark, the app provides an offer of night mode facility so they can read the content comfortably by protecting their eyes from any strain.

UC mini 9apps –

UC mini is the tiny or lighter version of UC Browser which is exclusively designed and developed by the team of experts by keeping in view the needs of those smartphone users who have less storage capacity in their concerned devices and who find difficult to install any browsing software in their mobile phone to browse web in order to boost up the speed of downloading and net surfing. With the help of this mini-sized browsing app, the users can enjoy the experience of fast browsing as it loads the web pages much faster than other apps and also offers a great variety of features in such a tiny package.

Now let us take a look on some of the points which helps you to understand the highlights of UC Mini app so you can maximize your online experience without taking much space on your device-

  1. UC mini is the only app which comes in such a mini size package file but the best part is that it has all the features which the smartphone users always wanted to have in their device and this is the reason why it is considered as one of the full-fledged browsing apps worldwide.
  2. It supports full-screen mode so the users can easily and conveniently watch their favourite videos of films online on the full screen.
  3. Incognito browsing mode is also supported in this browsing app which enables the users to browse the web in private without leaving any mark or trace in order to protect your privacy.
  4. There is an option of navigation cards offered in the app through which the users can get customised as well as local news about different services like sports, videos, cricket matches and much more directly in their device.
  5. Night mode facility is given to the registered users so they can enjoy the fun of browsing and net surfing anytime anywhere even in dark or at night to give a complete protection to their eyes.

UC news download

UC news is a popular Android app which is designed and developed by the Alibaba group for the smartphone users so they can get all the latest interesting news on their favourite topic like cricket, politics, entertainment, technology, business and more.

The best part of this amazing news app is that it is available in both English and Hindi language so the users can switch to their preferred language and enjoy the experience of using their favourite app in the language they like the most. In this stupendous app, there are more than 20 channels which enable the users to get all the latest updates and news on almost all the major topics as it covers all the major categories and that’s too, not only national but International as well.

Now take a look on the points mentioned below to understand the key features or highlights of UC news app to stay connected with all the latest and trending news of the country as well as all around the world-

  1. One of the very unique features of UC news is live cricket score with the help of which, the users can get live cricket updates instantly directly on their device and stay updated with each and every move of the match.
  2. There are many topics covered in the categories offered by UC news including offbeat, travel, fashion, politics, entertainment, sports and more.
  3. By switching to the data saving feature of this app, the registered users can use this app as it automatically takes very low data while browsing the news.
  4. It also has a fast speed option through which one can instantly boost up the internet speed and enjoy the faster than ever experience of web browsing and surfing.
  5. It also offers a notification feature which allows the users to get notification of the latest news instantly by way of alerts so they never miss any important news article or story of their preferred category.
  6. The clean and very smooth user interface of UC news allows the users to enjoy the seamless experience of reading the news in a brand new way.

Vidmate 9apps

Vidmate is a well-known and one of the most popular video downloading app which is trusted by millions of people as it not only allows the registered users to download their favourite music, videos, song, movies and much more but also ensures that they can watch the same without any hazards.

By switching to this amazing video downloading an app which is available to the users free of cost, smartphone or android users can download and enjoy unlimited videos from the app as it has more than 200 television channels offered and that’s too, free of cost. Today vidmate is considered as one-stop solution for all the videos download on Android as it supports all the formats and the user is not required to go here and there to download his favourite video or movie song etc.
Now put a glance on the points mentioned below to understand the highlights of vidmate app so you can use the same in smoother and better way-

  1. The registered users of vidmate app are allowed to download all their favourite videos in their device directly from this app and also accelerate or boost up their downloading speed as well in order to save the data.
  2.  One is even allowed to pause, resume and break the downloading pattern as per his choice if it is supported by the website.
  3. There is no limit to download videos and you can download a number of videos or songs simultaneously without any restriction.
  4. It covers all the regional languages so the users can download the song in different languages as per their choice of preference and enjoy the same anytime and anywhere on the move.
  5. It never compromises with the quality and supports about 50000 high-quality songs exclusively for its registered users.
  6. One of the best and very unique features of vidmate app is that it automatically detects the link of the browser and enable the users to get their favourite song or video they are looking for, without any hassle.
  7. The users are even allowed to avail the benefits of other features while downloading the song as the downloading will show in the background and you can check the updates for the same in the background without any sort of hurdles.
  8. With the latest update, the users are now enabled to download the YouTube videos which sometimes doesn’t download and show errors in the prior version.

Facebook lite download 9apps

Facebook lite is the lighter or tiny version of one of the most popular social networking platform, Facebook. It comes in a small package and let the users install it in those devices which has storage problem or has less storage capacity. Due to its small size, the users not only avail the benefits of saving the storage capacity of their device but also enjoy the experience of browsing the Facebook in slow network connections.

The registered users of this app are allowed to use many of the classic features of Facebook like sharing any post to timeline, liking another’ post, searching for the people, editing your profile and groups etc.
This Mini version of Facebook is today considered one of the most popular and reliable sources to connect with people worldwide and make them friends. There are many other privacy settings with the help of which, the users can protect their privacy and even set up a secret photo album to control who sees the same.

Here is the list which describes the key features or highlights of Facebook lite, just put a glance so it will be easier for you to avail of all its features and functions-

  1. By installing this app, the users can find friends and family members and stay connected with them to share all their precious moments with them.
  2. You can also interact with your friends by adding their own comments or reactions to the posts and share your views on the same.
  3. It works exactly like Facebook and likewise, the users can post status updates as well as use different emoji and smileys to make the posting much more expressive and impressive.
  4. The registered users are even allowed to follow their favourite celebrities to get each and every latest update of them so you may easily know whats going on in their lives.
  5. One can even discover and explore the local social events and make plans to meet up with your old friends or family members in such types of getting together.
  6. You can also look up local businesses in your nearby areas to see their views, operation hours, pictures and more.

Hotstar app download for android 9apps

Hotstar is one of the most popular and trendiest Android apps which is available to the users free of cost and enables them to watch their favourite multimedia content including TV serials, movies, videos, songs and much more anytime and anywhere on the move.

It is a live streaming app which gives the users an opportunity to watch full episodes of their favourite shows in different languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and more so you can choose your preferred language and browse the web in the same.

Here is the list which describes the highlights or key features of hotstar app, just take a look-

1- This amazing app allows the registered users to enjoy the experience of watching all the trending as well as popular movies in several languages Hindi movies, English movies, Bengali movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Marathi movies etc.

2- It also supports sports channels so the fans of cricket or any other sport do not get disappointed as from the star sports.com, you can watch a wide range of live streaming in different sports like badminton, hockey, Kabaddi, Premier League live, football live stream and more.

3- One of the best parts of this amazing app is that it consumes 50% less data which makes hotstar, an efficient as well as an effective app available in the 9apps store.

4- Apart from the premium offering, this live TV app also offers the best content from the entertainment space English TV shows, Hindi TV serials, live TV channels and many other popular movies, TV and sports events the users entertained and let them pass their idle time to avoid boredom.

5- The registered users of this app are even allowed to watch full match replays as well as highlights from any recent match directly from the sports channel on the app.

6- This app is a one-stop solution which can satisfy all the entertainment needs of its uses and this is the reason why it is today trusted by millions of people.

9apps download Whatsapp

WhatsApp Messenger is a free Android app to send and receive messages, images, videos, audios, documents and much more to the contacts. This amazing and very useful messaging application only uses the data and works with a subscription. Today this app is so popular that it has more than one billion users worldwide.

One of the best parts of this app is that there is no hidden cost and the users are not even required to pay a single penny to contact any of your friend or relative who is living far away from them. All you need to use this app is just a username and password so as to communicate with your friends, chat with them, share images, videos and more and that’s too, without spending lots of money.

Put a glance on the points mentioned below to understand the highlights or the features of WhatsApp Messenger App-

  1. With the help of this messaging app, the users can easily and instantly send and receive text messages, audio messages, videos, images and more and that’s too, free of cost.
  2. One of the best parts of this app is that there is no extra or additional charge even for international messages so the users can save lots of money while communicating to their near and dear ones.
  3. There is an option in this app through which every message gets automatically saved and the user is not required to worry whether he is offline or online as the app will keep and store all the messages until you open the app next time.
  4. With the latest update, the users are now allowed to share their exact location and exchange the contacts with great ease.
  5. One can even use different sounds to set as notification tune or ringtone as well as customize the wallpapers according to his choice and preference.
  6. This app is now not only restricted to the smartphones but it also has an amazing option to install WhatsApp on your desktop computer and use the same from there.
  7. By switching to this app, the users can easily get rid of unnecessary pin numbers, passwords, usernames and more as it only works with your mobile phone number and easily syncs with your address book.

Paytm download 9apps

Paytm is a free e-wallet android app which is abbreviated as ‘pay through mobile’ and enable the registered users to recharge their DTH and mobile phones easily and instantly anywhere on the move. In addition to this, the users are provided with different facilities including online shopping, ticket booking, make payments at petrol pumps without cash and more.

Due to its all-around benefits, today this reliable app is a choice of more than 30 million smartphone users across the globe. The best part of this app is that it supports all the cell operators in India and this is a reason why it is considered the best online wallet trusted by huge masses. Today it is a one-stop solution for everything right from purchasing bus tickets to recharging the mobile phones or paying different kinds of the bill.

Here is the list which describes the key features of Paytm, just put a glance-

  1.  It offers a variety of deals and discounts to its registered users and gives them a good platform which is worth trying to save lots of money as well as time.
  2. Along with recharge options, the users can also pay utility bills as well without any hassle as it supports payment for electricity, gas, landline bills and more.
  3. The registered users can also avail the facility of the discount coupon so they do not have to pay more and saves a lot of there money while purchasing any article from online shopping sites or make payment of any bill.
  4. It supports almost all the major mobile operators and this is the reason why it does not matter which mobile operator you use, all you have to do is just visit the site and download the app and make your online payment completely safe and secure.
  5. The users of this app are provided with the facility to choose their preferred mode of payment including net banking, credit card, debit card, American express cards etc.

Clean master app download 9apps

Clean Master is a popular and very useful free Android app which is trusted by millions of people around the world in order to boost up their device by 50% and save the battery and installed apps. The best part of this app is that it is available free of cost in the 9apps store and any user of the android can easily install it in his or her device in just a blink of an eye to make the device clean and boost up.

The size of this app is also very tiny which lets the user download it in a device of low storage capacity. Despite having low storage capacity, the app is packed with great and very effective features like memory boost, battery extender etc which helps the users to clean those irrelevant background apps of your phone and save the power.

Following are the main points which describe the key features of super B cleaner app, just put a glance-

  • The memory booster of this app clean all the unnecessary apps and free up the memory so your device can work faster and smoother.
  • With the help of battery saver feature, the users can extend the life of their battery by unnecessary apps which consumes great battery power.
  • This app automatically detects and clean the apps which highly consume CPU capacity and are the main cause of overheating of your device. It basically, cools down the CPU of your phone in the fastest time possible.
  • After boosting up the memory of your device, the accelerator of this app will make your phone faster by 50% and enables you to enjoy the game playing experience much better.
  • This multipurpose app also comes with app lock feature to which the users can put a lock on their important data or apps so it doesn’t get leaked and get complete protection with a security code.

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