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Vidmate :

Vidmate as you all know is one of the most magnificent impressive downloading software apps which are captivating the Smartphone users by a tumultuous reaction. The awesome admiration of this app is very easy to explain, it very well generates and arranges the features of this app in a prescribed format and the unpleasant efforts incurred in it being supplied to the user. This effective little Android app has made iOS and Blackberry users untidily accessing the internet in various ways just for attaining this little app on their devices. Regardless, they have completely failed on getting it. Luckily, people who are using the Windows laptops have almost captured the actual way of downloading this app in their PCs without any difficulty.  Furthermore, if you want to watch videos, TV shows, movies and so on, then this is the perfect application which enables you in obtaining the entertainment without any limits. Vidmate is a most trustworthy app which allows you to download unlimited online videos.

And thus, with the access of this app, you can very well download videos and songs from various other browsers such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud and so on. Through this app you are also fully accessible in downloading videos from various other hosting sites. And hence, through the new updates of this app, you can survey and watch more than 150 kinds of TV channels without any cost and also it makes you liable to watch Online TV on your PC in a very smoothest manner. And thus, this app is totally a complete package for you as it very easily enables you to view various other hosting sites of video. And hence, on using this Vidmate for your PC you can attain the access of watching all of the languages through the latest HD movies extremely free incurred with various formats. The main goal for selecting this app is it has a quite user-friendly interface and videos can be downloaded through various formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG and various other upcoming formats.


Just have a look at the features below of the Vidmate app that are very well supplied.

  1. Firstly download an Emulator: Get the download of BlueStacks app on your laptop as it is extremely free of cost.
  2. Emulator set up: Log in with the account of Google and give a quick run on the program
  3. Install and Download Vidmate apk file online: Get the instant download of apk file on your desktop without any interruptions in between
  4. Carry out the file using the emulator: The program will automatically run on the emulator and get installed on your computer and you will be provided notification when it is completed.


This Vidmate app is certainly one of the best downloading app you have ever come across. It is totally free, tiny in size and is filled with the full package of entertainment and fun with plenty of apps and games. So, do not just skip this app at any cost, just attain the instant download procedure through the app store of 9 Apps as you get more to gain through this app.

Updated: October 1, 2017 — 2:26 am

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Vidmate - Free download Vidmate APK app from 9apps - 9apps